Brussels Alderman calls for Maximiliaan Park to be fenced off

The Francophone liberal Alderman Alain Courtois (photo, left) has said in a newspaper interview that the Maximiliaan Park in the north of the city should be fenced off so that it. The park that is adjacent to the Aliens Office and near to Brussels North Station has been in the news regularly in recent months as many (transit) migrants have been congregating there some of who have been sleeping rough.      

Mr Courtois told the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ that “The Maximiliaan Park should be fenced off day and night"

Referring to Monday morning’s incident in which an officer from the Local Police Service was stabbed by a Belgian of Egyptian descent Mr Courtois said “This is the final straw”. “The park should become a place to rest and to relax”.  

Mr Courtois’ Flemish Liberal colleague Els Ampe (photo above, right)  says that she agrees with Mr Courtois’ proposals. Ms Ampe told VRT Radio 1’s morning news and current affairs programme ‘De ochtend that “We suggested fencing off the park just like the Warande Park and a lot of other Brussels parks some time ago”.  

"However, Secretary of State Francken said ‘don’t worry, I will find a solution’. After all this time we see the situation only getting worse. Enough is enough”, Ms Ampe added.    

"We see that in Flanders car parks where there were issues are being fenced off. There is suddenly a big scandal if we try and do the same in Brussels.   

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