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Autumn is on its way

They say that all good things must come to an end and this is also the case with the Indian summer that we have been enjoying over the past few weeks. The fine weather will continue for just a couple of more days with temperature taking a nose dive from Friday just in time for the start of autumn.


Today and tomorrow temperatures will reach around 25°C and it will remain mainly dry. However, from Friday maximum temperatures won’t reach 20°C. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere even predicts storms on Sunday night.

There will be rain on Friday and strong southwesterly winds with maximum temperatures reaching 18°C.

The weather will be changeable on Saturday with temperatures reaching 17°C. Wind speeds will pick up on Sunday and high winds are forecast for Sunday night.

Coincidently the astronomical Autumn begins on Sunday 23 September at 3:54 am. This is not to be confused with the metrological Autumn that started on 1 September.  

But what is the difference?

On his website Franck Deboosere writes “Astronomical seasons don’t always begin exactly on the 21st of the month. For metrologists it is difficult to work with seasons that don’t begin on set dates in the year. So they have made it easier for themselves. The metrological seasons always begin at the 1st of the month: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 December”.  


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