Ryanair prepared to operate under Belgian labour laws from 2020

The Irish airline Ryanair says that it is prepared to abide by Belgian labour legislation when dealing with its Belgian staff from 2020. The airline did so in a letter addressed to the unions. They had asked Ryanair to accept Belgian labour laws from next year.  

The unions say that the contents of the letter are "A first step, will must now continue negotiations”.

Last Tuesday the unions that represent Ryanair’s Belgian staff sent the airline’s management proposals for a collective labour agreement. Management was given a week to reply. Ryanair’s response was sent on Tuesday evening.  

Currently all Ryanair staff are employed according to Irish labour law. Changing this to Belgian labour law that offers better protection to employees is one of the union’s primary demands.  

Ryanair seems to be adopting a more consolatory tone than had been the case previously. The union are cautiously positive.  

"This is a first step, a basis for negotiations. They have met us some of the way. The message is that we now need to get around the table as quickly as possible”, Filip Lemberechts of the liberal trade union ACLVB told VRT News.  

Meanwhile Ryanair has asked the unions to call off the strike that is planned for Friday 28 September.


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