Belgium seeks UK aid to deter transit migrants

Belgian premier Charles Michel has spoken with the British leader Theresa May in the margin of the EU summit in Salzburg.  Ms May was eager to bend the Belgian leader's ear on Brexit, while the problems caused by migrants eager to build a bright, new future in the UK was the issue uppermost in Mr Michel's mind.

The Belgian leader is eager to see Belgium conclude an agreement on so called transit migration with the UK similar to the accord already agreed between France and the UK.  Ms May agreed to get UK and Belgian experts to look at ways of limiting people-trafficking to the UK via Belgium and improve co-operation on the way this issue is tackled.  Belgium is also seeking the aid of UK experts in attempts to beef up security at the port of Zeebrugge. Mr Michel believes British experts can play a key role in increasing checks and security on our infrastructure including our ports and motorways. Belgium wants the UK to join Belgium in a joint communication strategy to the outside world aimed at deterring migrant flows.  

Charles Michel: "We discussed the fall-out from Brexit on the Belgian economy.  We are eager to defend the interests of our businesses, Belgian jobs and investments here”.

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