Tomi Hänninen

Brussels to switch to Helsinki time all year round?

It's up to you to decide! The leaders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have agreed to a joint consultation of their respective peoples with regard to whether people would prefer to stick on Berlin time (CET) or Helsinki time (EET) all your round! The consultation comes after the European commission indicated it wanted to ditch the process of putting clocks forward and back twice a year.

The European commission wants countries to decide for themselves whether they want to stick on Central or Eastern European time all year round.

Belgian premier Charles Michel is eager to involve the populations of Germany, France and Italy in the same consultation.  Mr Michel couldn't predict whether Belgians would opt for Berlin or Helsinki time: "Our priority is a joint Benelux decision and to include neighbouring countries”.

Experts will now examine how the peoples of the Benelux can be consulted on this issue.  Mr Michel has already called for common sense to prevail.

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