Air Belgium suspends flights to Hong Kong

The airline Air Belgium has announced that it is to suspend flights to Hong Kong during the winter season. The airline operates its long-haul service to Hong Kong from Charleroi Airport in Hainaut Province. Speaking at a press conference on Friday afternoon, the airline’s CEO Niky Terzakis told journalists that the route is not being scrapped. Flights from Charleroi to Hong Kong will resume again from next March.  

Despite the suspension of the Hong Kong route that started up in June of this year, Air Belgium still intends to start up new routes to China before the end of the year.                             

Mr Terzakis explained that the suspension of the Hong Kong route has come about due to a dispute with a number of Chinese tour operators that he claims have failed to keep their promises regarding capacity on flights and tariffs. Furthermore, no agreement had been reached with regard to the winter season and consequently it was decided to suspend the route temporary.  

The last flight from Charleroi to Hong Kong (for the time being at least) will leave on 28 September. Any passengers that had booked flights during the winter season will be contacted and offered a refund or a flight with an alternative carrier.  


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