Gambling cops won’t have to appear in court

60 officers from the Antwerp Local Police Service that were caught gambling won’t face a trial before a court. That’s according to an article in Friday’s edition of the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen', the validity of which has been confirmed by VRT News sources. Instead their cases will be dealt with by the Gaming Commission. Nevertheless, they still all risk a stiff fine and disciplinary measures.      

Meanwhile, one former police will have to explain himself in court.  A year ago it emerged that there an investigation had been opened into gambling by dozens of officers from the Antwerp Local Police Service. They were alleged to have gambled both online and in casinos. Police officers are strictly forbidden from gambling. However, to get round this they used fake identities.

The Antwerp Judicial Authorities have now decided let the Gaming Commission deal with the cases of 60 of the police officers that were caught gambling. 1 former officer faces court proceedings as he went further than the rest in the use of fake identities.

"The officers will be summoned for questioning over the next few months. The will have the chance to explain why they played using another person’s identity and got round the access ban. The Gaming Commission can impose fines of up to 200,000 euro”, the Director of the Gaming Commission Peter Naessens told VRT News. The police officers could also face disciplinary measures.   



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