Police unions incandescent at police killer's early release

Police unions have responded with incredulity at the release of one of the killers of police officer Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen.  Noureddine Cheikhni is enjoying early release and will wear a tag.

It was in 2007 that Noureddine Cheikhni (below) killed police officer Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen during a police intervention in Lot (Flemish Brabant).  He got 30 years but was now eligible for early release after serving a third of the sentence.

"This is a blow to Kitty's parents and colleagues" says trades unionist Joery Dehaes.  "We doubt that Noureddine Cheikhni meets all the conditions for probation.  It's a downright scandal and unacceptable that a stronger signal against police violence wasn't dispatched. Now we know the value of the life of a police officer."

In 2013 Belgium tightened conditions for probation, but as the police killer was sentenced before then, they do not apply in this case.

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