Prepare for no electricity

The Belgian Planning Office has indicated that some municipalities will be without electricity this November.  Next November only one of the country's seven nuclear reactors will be producing energy.  All the others are undergoing maintenance.

The Planning Office is an independent body that researches the impact of government policy.  Their Danielle Devogelaer says: "In the event of a cold November it's more likely now that some municipalities or parts of them will be without electricity.  We have to take account of this happening because supply won't meet demand."

By law outages of only 3 hours per year are allowed.  With only one reactor online it's expected the length of the outages will increase: 20 hours is not thought unlikely.

Even in the event of a mild November problems may occur.  Last November it didn’t freeze at all - when normally this happens on five days - still we consumed 13 Gigawatt!







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