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Repatriation death marked 20 years on

23/9/18 - 300 people took part in a ceremony to commemorate the death of Semira Adamu two decades ago.  The Nigerian woman died while she was being repatriated.

During a sixth attempt to expel her she was suffocated after police officers tried to calm her using a cushion, a legitimate instrument at this time.  Semira Adamu fled her native Nigeria to escape a forced marriage, but her application for asylum here was rejected and she ended up in the Steenokkerzeel removal centre. The location of the Maximilian Park in Brussels was chosen especially.  It is an area favoured by migrants, many of whom hope to build a bright, new future in the UK.  The Park has also become a symbol for acts of solidarity in support of migrants.

The crowd was addressed by people supporting the undocumented and opponents of closed removal centres.

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