Follow that train thanks to new Train Map website

Belgium’s state-owned rail operator NMBS has launched an online map that allows users to follow services on the Belgian rail network in real time. The map displays all the services that are running and the position of all trains at any given moment.

It allow passengers to see to where they are if they are already on the train or see where the train they are waiting for is. The search engine function allows users to look up trains using the type of train, the number of the train service or one of the stations it serves as search criteria.

It offers timetable information, news about any delays to services, which stations or stops the service stops at and the platform from which the train departs from or arrives at.  

The site allows users to zoom into a particular line and also displays landmarks such as rivers and motorways.

In order to offer real time information, the map currently uses a network of sensors on the tracks. In the future, Train Map will also use geolocalisation and GPS technology.

Click here to see the new site for yourself.