Belgium on Tuesday imported a record amount of electricity

Elia, the company that operates the national grid, has confirmed that Belgium imported a record 4,941 Megawatts of electricity on Tuesday.  Belgium's electricity import figures have been rising recently as capacity falls due to maintenance at nuclear power plants.  At present only two of the country's seven reactors are operational.  Electricity companies have been addressing the shortfall through foreign imports.

According to Elia the amount of electricity that can be imported this coming winter is 5,500 Megawatts a day as a result of capacity issues.   In November only one of the country's seven nuclear reactors will be operational.  Elia spokeswoman Marleen Vanhecke says it's too early to draw conclusions.  We are doing our utmost to get a picture of the situation and prepare for the winter.  We will do aeverything possible to guarantee power supplies."