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Fog of War: Rudi Vranckx explores how international law is on the slide in war zones

What is allowed in times of war?  VRT journalist Rudi Vranckx believes things have been sliding since 9/11.  Rudi takes us on a journey through time ending at the Battle of Mosul and with the law of war as his guide.

What are we fighting for if in the war on terror we no longer respect our values?  This is the question with which Rudi concludes his long read.

The WTC towers, Guantanamo and the black holes, President Obama's drone war, President Assad's gas attacks and the brutality of IS that spare nobody or nothing.  The hunt for Belgian citizens in the "Caliphate".  The bodies of citizens in Mosul.  Rudi Vranckx still sees all these events vividly before his eyes. They form a very unpalatable parade.

These events are the product of the logic espoused by all the combatants in the war on terror: human life has no value and international law is an obstacle that should be interpreted as loosely as possible...or may even be ignored.