Bomb alert at Nationale Bank HQ in Brussels

The headquarters of Belgium's central bank were the subject of a bomb alert on Thursday morning.  The alarm was triggered after five alarm clocks placed under seats in a Nationale Bank auditorium all sounded at the same time.

The emergency services were alerted to a bomb alert.  National Banks speaks of a security incident that required the auditorium to be evacuated.  300 people were led out of the building.

The army's bomb disposal squad is at the scene and is enforcing an exclusion zone.  A meeting of the European Banking Federation was targeted. Several prominent people including the former president of the Euro Group , Jeroen Dijsselbloem, were present.

Five alarm clocks placed under seats with suspicious packets attached sounded at the same time.  Who placed the alarms is a mystery.  They were not placed by Nationale Bank.  The realisation that the alarms were not fitted by the central led to great consternation at the gathering.