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"Electricity supplies cannot be guaranteed in November!"

The Belgian national grid company Elia is warning that Belgian and foreign capacity will be insufficient to ensure that plans to introduce power cuts cannot be avoided next November. 

"Security of supply cannot be guaranteed next November".  At present Elia cannot see a sufficient solution to ensure adequate supplies.  It notes that present Belgian and international electricity capacity won't be enough to avoid activating its outage plan that ensures supplies to priority customers and essential services.  Earlier Elia warned that the extra 750 Megawatt/day capacity that energy minister Marghem had ensured was insufficient to close the gap in shortfall.  An extra 1,000 Megawatts/day was needed.

The problem is largely caused by the fact that six of the country's seven nuclear reactors will be offline due to maintenance.

Elia adds that power supplies in January and February too could be endangered.

Elia adds that together with the government "various market practices" can be considered to offer a solution.  The company urges all players and suppliers to assume their legal responsibilities.