Belgian PM calls for “sacred alliance” between Europe and Africa

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) has addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York. During his speech, Mr Michel stressed the importance of international dialogue that goes further than simply the furthering of national interests.

He said that he felt it regrettable that the United States had unilaterally withdrawn from a number of international agreements such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Accord. The Belgian Prime Minister also called for greater cooperation between Europe and Africa in what he called “a sacred alliance”.    

Mr Michel addressed the UN General Assembly during the opening session. He stressed the importance of multilateralism and striving to resolve international issues though cooperation in international organisations such as the European Union and the United Nations. Mr Michel spoke of the EU as being a guarantor of the rule of law, democracy, freedom and the dignity of all citizens.        

He added that countries that believed that they can resolve international issues without the intervention of international organisations are deluded.  

Mr Michel finds it regrettable than one country (he didn’t call the US by name) has unilaterally withdrawn from international agreements such as the Iran deal and the Paris Climate Agreement.

A “sacred alliance”

Mr Michel also called for greater cooperation between Europe and Africa. “A “sacred alliance” between Africa and Europe that would create a sustainable bond, providing for the development of both continents to the benefit of our people. It would be an alliance for investment, trade and Jobs in Africa and Europe”.     

"Let is turn the page on our differences from the past and let the wounds from the past heal. Let is form a new partnership, free of nostalgia and guilt”.