Security staff on Brussels public transport down tools after incident in metro station

Security staff that work for the Brussels public transport company MIVB went out on strike on Friday after two security guards were assaulted at the Beekkant Metro Station in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. The two security staff required hospital treatment after the assault. The incident happened during Friday morning’s rush hour.

Two youths tried to slip through the access gates at the station without paying. A scuffle started between the youths and the security guards and two of them were slightly injured. All of the MIVB’s ticket collectors and security staff downed tools on learning of their colleagues‘ fate. Their duties were taken over by the Federal Railway Police for the duration of the strike.  

MIVB security staff resumed work after talks between the public transport company’s management and the unions. The two injured security guards were discharged from hospital on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the investigation into incident continues.  

Ine Van Wymersch told VRT News that "The Railway Police has started an investigation and is amongst other things looking at CCTV images of the incident. The Judicial Authorities are treating what happened very seriously”.