Tear gas and water cannon used against civil servants during demo

Police have used tear gas and turned water cannon on some of the around 10,000 demonstrators taking party in today’s civil service demonstration in Brussels. The civil servants are protesting about proposed changes to a rule that allows them to save up 21 days sick leave on full pay allowance and carry it over to the following year.

As well as federal civil servants, those that work for the police, fire service and staff at the country’s courts.     

Many emergency services personnel are taking part in the march and a lot of fire fighters were spotted around Brussels North Station at the start of the march. Members of the police union NSPV are taking part wearing white t-shirts with the slogan “Police and military personnel are sick of it all”. Members of the Civil Protection Agency and fire fighters are marching in their uniforms.    

At a face a group of fire fighters went to shake hands with a group of police officers. However, the riot police came over. Things really got out of hand when the fire fighters tried to move the sections of barbed wire fence. They was some unrest and the police used tear gas and water canon in an effort to calm the situation.  

One police officers sustained head injuries.