Laurie Dieffembacq

All change! Tram 8 is here.

After 50 years Tram 94 made its last journey through between the Tram Museum in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and the Louiza Metro Station in uptown Brussels. From Saturday a brand new tram route, tram 8 will run along the old tram 94 route and a further 2km to the Roodebeek Metro Station in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.

The completion of the new stretch of tramway means that those living in Elsene, Watermaal-Bosvoorde Oudergem and Sint-Pieters-Woulwe and Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe will enjoy an improved tram service with greater number of connecting services from Roodebeek both to the rest of Brussels and parts of Flemish Brabant, including the airport at Zaventem.

In addition to the 2km of tramline with 4 new tram stops, a new new cycle highway has been opened that will allow cyclists to cycle safely along the busy Woluwelaan. It has taken two and a half years to build the 2km of new tramway.

Tram 8 is one of the Brussels public transport company's so-called “Chrono routes”. These are tram routes that run on tracks that are for the most part separated from the rest of the traffic, allowing them to be more punctual and quick. The Chrono routes also operate a more frequent service than other tram routes.

Meanwhile, bus route 42 has been shortened. It will no longer run from the E40 Viaduct in Kraainem (Flemish Brabant) to the Tram Museum. Instead it will terminate at Roodebeek. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city the route of Bus 20 has been extended to Brussels North Railway Station  

New-look Woluwelaan

In addition to the new stretch of tramway, the busy Woluwelaan has also undergone a transformation. The new-look Woluwelaan is much less like an urban motorway and more like a street that also welcomes cyclists and pedestrians. The speed limit on the road has been cut from 70 km/h to 50 km/h   

A wide cycle path has been constructed along both sides of the road. The cycle path is part of the Cycle Regional Express Network, a network of cycle paths in and around Brussels.