350 euro fines for drivers of highly polluting diesel cars from Monday

From Monday 1 October, anyone driving into the Brussels-Capital Region in a diesel car that has classed as having Emission Standard Euro 0 or Euro 1 will be fined 350 euro. The 9 month period of grace since the introduction of a low emissions zone in the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region ends at midnight on Sunday.  

The low emissions zone bans the most polluting diesel cars from all the 19 municipalities that make up Brussels. The only exceptions are two short stretches of the Brussels Orbital Motorway in Anderlecht and Watermaal-Bosvoorde (the rest of the motorway is in Flemish Brabant).  

There will be a further transitional period of three months during which drivers of the affected vehicles will be issued with no more than one fine and will be given the chance to buy a car that is less polluting or to find an alternative means of transport.

From 1 January 2019 the rules will be tightened still further with diesel cars that have Emission Standard Euro 2 being banned from the capital. Brussels hopes to ban all diesels from its streets by 2030.

Cars entering the Brussels-Capital Region will be checked using cameras equipped with number plate recognition technology. Currently 184 cameras are in place by the end of the year the Brussels regional transport agency Brussel Mobiliteit hopes to have 300 such cameras in place.     

A transitional period

During the 9-month transitional period, the authorities have made a number of modifications to and carried out tests on the camera system in order to ensure that everything was is order.    

In June 3,000 Brussels owners of cars that are banned under the Low Emissions Zone rules received letters informing them of such in June. The drivers of the cars that will be banned from January will receive letters in November.  

To find out whether you can still drive into Brussels without being fined check out the Mobiel Brussel website that is also available in English.  

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