Plopsa opens theme park in Poland

The Flemish theme park operator Plopsa has opened a brand-new theme park in Poland. The new park is in the town of Torzym and is called Majaland Kownaty. A total of 20 million euro has been invested in the new park.

"Majaland Kownaty" is the Plopsa Group’s first park in Poland. The park was opening on Saturday evening with an opening’s show. Plopsa Group’s CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof told VRT News that  

"We have been looking forward tot his moment for a long time. The result is great and we are very proud of what our investment and construction team have achieved”.

The founders of the Plopsa Group’s mother company Studio 100 Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon were also at the opening. Gert Verhulst spoke of his desire to further expand the company.

Plopsa announced a further investment in Majaland Kownaty. A wooden roller coaster, the first in Poland according to the company, is to be built.   

The Plopsa Group now has 7 theme parks in 4 different countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland).