"We've been married for three years"

Flemish singer Bart Kaëll and celebrity Luc Appermont have announced that they have been married for three years now. 

The couple made the announcement during the launch of their new show: "Bart and Luc Intimate".  It's a theatre show with which they will be touring Flanders until December.  At the end of the first show they took many of the audience by surprise by intimating that they had been married for three years now.  The marriage took place outside the public glare.  TV personality Gert Verhulst served as one of the witnesses.

"People may know we're married” Luc Appermont told VRT News.

The couple had already signed up for a civil partnership, but were worried because it wasn't valid in some countries."

Bart and Luc's relationship first came to wider, public knowledge in 2010, after they had kept their intimacy secret for many years.

Bart Kaëll: "At the beginning of our relationship we decided it was none of other people's business, but thanks to the internet the world has changed.  Today we say: if people want to know, so what!"