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What are the Belgians doing for Indonesia?

Several Belgian aid organisations have appealed for donations to fund the aid they are bringing to the people of Indonesia suffering the joint effects of an earthquake and tsunami.

Red Cross Flanders (BE 53 0000-0000 5353) says that drinking water and food are the most urgent needs.  Clean water should combat the outbreak of diseases.  Blankets, sleeping mats, tents and jerry cans are urgently needed.  The Red Cross Emergency Rescue Unit (ERU) is standing by and can leave at short notice.

UNICEF BELGIUM (BE 31 0000 0000 5555) says: "We're taking aid from stocks at present, but we’ll soon need extra supplies."  UNICEF is focusing on health care, vaccinations, shelter, clean water, and food and child protection.

MSF too is planning to send teams and aid.

The Belgian Consortium for Emergency Situations, Consortium 1212, is launching a  joint appeal.  It includes the Belgian Red Cross, Caritas International, Handicap International, Dokters van de Wereld, Oxfam Solidarity, Plan Belgium and UNICEF Belgium.

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