Who's your mayor?

A quarter of all Flemish first time voters do not believe that democracy is the best form of government and favour an authoritarian leader. In Antwerp nearly half of all first time voters haven't got a clue who the mayor is. (It's Bart De Wever by the way).

These are some of the most striking findings of a survey conducted by VRT News among a group of Flemings, mainly in their late teens or early twenties.

All Belgians aged 18 or over are obliged to take part in October's local elections.   Their number includes 360,000 Flemish first time voters.

If many youngsters in the City of Antwerp don't know who their mayor is, many youngsters in surrounding municipalities are convinced their mayor is ... Bart De Wever.

Members of the ethnic minorities are more likely to be interested and involved in politics or another (environmental or human rights) organisations. 26% of youngsters favour an authoritarian leader.  This rises to around half among people with a vocational training.

The environment, security and combating poverty are the topics that will influence youngsters in their decision who to vote for. Their parents’ preference does not affect them!  Two-thirds are as yet undecided (though this poll including 868 18 to 23-year-olds was conducted in May). Many believe politics is boring. 

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