Nasty smell stops Brussels metro in its tracks

Two Brussels metro stations had to be evacuated this afternoon as a result of a nasty smell.  Eight people became unwell at De Brouckère.  The incident also affected travellers at Rogier.

The eight people who become unwell at De Brouckère were taken to the Saint John's Hospital as a precaution.  Metro traffic was at a halt for many minutes.  The construction of a bicycle parking area was at the cause of the incident.

Guy Sablon of the local transport company MIVB: "A product was used to make a slope watertight.  This is the product that caused the stench”.

The incident played havoc with metro traffic.  Lines 1, 5, 2 and 6 were all affected. When services resumed passengers were unable to alight at the two affected stations. An MIVB spokesman insisted the company wanted to be absolutely sure the stations had been sufficiently ventilated. Tram services 3 and 4 were also disrupted.