(c) Herman Wouters / Hollandse Hoogte

Sweets and soft drinks disappearing from school assortments

Government figures show that far fewer soft drinks and sweets are available at Flemish schools.  At 7 out of 10 secondary schools you can't get soft drinks.  The sale of soft drinks and sweets is already banned at elementary schools.  Fewer sweetened drinks like chocolate drinks are on sale too.  By 2021 all unhealthy drinks and sweets should have been banned from Flemish schools.

By 2015 soft drinks had disappeared from most elementary schools.  Today sweetened drinks including milk and soya drinks are not available in 85% of such schools.  Fruit juices are not sold in 67% of elementary schools.  The lower figure is linked to the erroneous idea that juice is healthy.

Soft drinks aren't sold at 71% of secondary schools compared with 31% three years ago.

Waffles, cakes, chocolate and sweets are only available in 10% of elementary schools. Crisps, croissants, donuts and sausage rolls are becoming a rarity in secondary schools too.

By 2021 all unhealthy drinks and sweets should be removed from schools with pupils only able to get water, fresh fruit and veg.

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