Love triangle at basis of Kortrijk slayings

The family of 19-year-old Youlia, a student murdered at her digs in the western city of Kortrijk together with her former boyfriend Nessar, an 18-year-old Afghan, believe that they are getting a clearer picture of what exactly happened.

Youlia's family wasn't aware that Youlia had a short love affair with Mohammed, an Iranian, last summer.  Mohammed rang at Youlia's front door last Sunday.  Youlia's sister believes that when Nessar, her former Afghan boyfriend, opened the door he stabbed him and proceeded to stab Youlia too.

Youlia's sister Anastassia Soboleva: "We think Nessar went down to talk with Mohammed to discuss Youlia, but that then matters escalated."

At first the family thought that Nessar, Youlia's ex-boyfriend, had hurt her because there had been tension. Anastassia Soboleva: "He was the only boyfriend we knew about so we didn't think of anybody else.  He had pestered her in the past.  He had attacked her and we had been to the police."

The family knew nothing about Mohammed, the man suspected of killing her.  Anastassia Soboleva: "She had a summer fling with him and then returned to Nessar.  Youlia and I spoke a lot about her studies and dreams.  She wanted to become an architect.  She was in her first year.  We spoke on the phone for the last time that Sunday evening.  She said: "I love you.  Lots of kisses".

"I would say if there are problems in a relationship, don't use violence.  You only hurt those you love as well as the parents, brothers and sisters.  Violence solves nothing.  It only leads to more suffering."

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