Police strike: "Transit migrant centre is unsafe"

Belgian police unions plan to strike against what they call the unsafe circumstances in the new removal centre for transit migrants who had hoped to make their way to the UK via Belgium.  Police unions say the new centre is clearly unsafe.

A police trades unionist points to a recent fire exercise that revealed it took three minutes to open one cell door at the Steenokkerzeel centre.  The unions have also filed a complaint with the labour inspection with record to debatable working conditions.  Talks with interior minister Jambon revealed that problems are being mapped out and will be sorted ASAP.

Police unions have issued a strike notice for the period 12 to 21 October.

The Steenokkerzeel centre opened on 13 September. People travelling through Belgium to the UK without the necessary paperwork are being detained and taken here while the federal police processes their dossier.

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