So what's the new name for petrol Super 98?

Diesel and Super 98 or 95 are set to disappear as labels at Belgian filling stations.  Diesel is being replaced by B7, while Super 98 becomes E5 and 95 becomes E10.

In future these three labels will be used across the EU and in Switzerland, Norway and Turkey.  Until now consumers have been baffled by different labels in different countries. 

LPG will remain LPG but the letters will be displayed in a diamond.  The 7 in B7 of the diesel label refers to 7% biodiesel content.  For a while the two systems, the existing one and the new, will be used cheek by jowl, to avoid confusion.

Motoring organisation VAB has welcomed the changes, but warns against confusion: B7 is the new name for diesel, but the B could put you on the wrong foot and make you believe this is petrol or 'benzine' as it’s called in Dutch!  The diesel pistol also fits petrol tanks!  Moreover, today petrol is slightly cheaper than diesel, though for ages it's been the other way around.  VAB notes that engine damage for petrol engines can be enormous when diesel is tanked.


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