Bpost installs changing room for customers at Ghent post office

The Belgian post office Bpost has installed a changing room at a new post office that has opened in the East Flemish city of Ghent. The changing room will allow people that have ordered items of clothing from e-commerce outlets to try them on before they take them home. If they don’t fit they will be able to return them straight away thus prevented them having to make a second trip to the post office.  

The new post office with changing room is on the Nieuwevaart in Ghent and replaces the former post office at the Oude Dokken. The post office has a so-called “check & send zone”. Last year Bpost tested the use of a changing room next to another post office elsewhere in Ghent. Bpost’s Barbara Van Speybroeck told VRT News that "The reactions were so good that we decided to make space for a changing room in a new post office that we were designing”

"People are ordering more and more online”, Ms Van Speybroeck added. "The market in parcels grew by 81% between 2013 and 2017. Online shoppers often buy shoes or clothes. It is often the case that they want to send something back because it won’t fit or because it was an impulse buy. Now they can try their purchases on at the post office where they have come to collect their parcel and if necessary send them back”.

In addition to the changing room they will be a parcel machine that allows customers to send back their unwanted purchases straight away without having to queue at the counter.   

However, Bpost doesn’t intend to install changing rooms at all its post offices, but will look into the feasibility of doing so when new post offices are opened.  .