World’s biggest wind turbines for new Belgian wind farm

Those in charge of building the seventh Belgian off-shore wind farm Northwester 2 have announced their choice for the wind farm’s turbines. The 23 MHI Vestas turbines will be the biggest wind turbines in the world.

The Danish built turbines will be erected in the Belgian section of the North Sea next year. Northwester 2 will be the first off-shore wind farm to use the turbines.     

Twice the height of the Atomium

The blades of the new turbine are around 80 metres long, this is 5 metres longer than the blades on the Siemans turbines used in the most recent Belgian wind farm to open Rentel that was completed in September.  

The MHI Vestas 9.5 can be as high as 220 metres this is twice the height of the Atomium in Brussels. The turbine is capable of producing 9.5 MW of electricity as opposed to the Siemens’ Turbines 7MW at the Rentel wind farm.

According to Parkwind that owns the Northwester 2 site there were two good reasons for choosing the Vestas 9.5 turbines. First all they have had positive experiences with Vestas in the past and secondly Vestas has the ability to build the turbines within the fairly tight time constraints.

The Belgian Government wants all the planned wind farms to be up and running by the end of 2020 in order to enable Belgium to meet its. Kyoto objectieve. Using larger turbines means that fewer turbines are required to produce the same quantity of electricity.  

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