Only just over half of A&E nurses vaccinated against flu

According to research carried out by the University of Antwerp in 41 Flemish hospitals, just 54% of nurses working on accident and emergency wards have been vaccinated against flu. The figures appear in an article published in the Sunday freesheet ‘De Zondag’.

The researchers express concern that 46% of accident and emergency nursing staff have not had a flu jab and say that the percentage vaccinated against flu needs to increase.  

The reasons given by those surveyed for not having got themselves vaccinated against flu are varied. Some say that they have never had flu and consequently don’t believe they need the vaccine. Others don’t trust the vaccine and believe that it will give them flu.     

Antwerp University’s Matthijs Samyn told ‘De Zondag’ that "It is really striking that just one in three health workers know the correct definition of flu as defined by the World Health Organisation”.

It is very important that those working on A&E wards get vaccinated.  

"Because they come into contact with people whose immune systems are weakened. We should ensure that flu is not passed on to the patients”.   

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