An urban forum looks at Dutch in Brussels

As part of the Week of Dutch, the House of Dutch that organizes and coordinates Dutch as a second language courses in Brussels and the 5 Flemish provinces has launched Model NL. Model NL is an urban forum that for the next three months will look at how the Dutch language is faring in the extremely diverse context that is Brussels. A “model wall” will go on tour throughout the city asking people for their ideas and suggestions concerning Dutch in the capital.  

The idea of the urban forum is to look for what is working well and also what is proving more difficult and what the challenges are. Above all it provides the opportunity to get to know about the experiences of Brussels people.

The “Model Wall” was given its first outing outside the Beursschouwburg arts centre on Monday morning. Passers-by jotted down their thoughts about Dutch in the multi-lingual context that is Brussels.  

Three debate evenings about Dutch in Brussels will be held in the Beursschouwburg’s café. Model NL will also visit companies, organisations and schools to allow their voices to be heard.  

The results of the urban forum will be presented by a group of experts at an event to be held on 18 January 2019. There ideas, challenges and recommendations will be made for the future of the Dutch langue in Brussels.   



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