One in six Federal Police vehicles too polluting for low emissions zones

One in six vehicles used by the Federal Police Service have emission levels in excess to limits set for the low emissions zones in Antwerp and Brussels. The figures come from the Federal Police Service and appear in Monday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’.

However, despite this the vehicles are able to drive into the low emissions zones without being fined between 150 and 350 euro for doing so.  Since Monday 1 October drivers of diesel vehicles in emissions categories Euro 0 and Euro 1 that enter the low emissions zone that covers the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region risk fines of up to 350 euro.  

The same principle is also applied in the City of Antwerp where there is also a low emissions zone. The rules were the same for everyone. However, as hundreds of police vehicles exceed the emissions threshold that is in force in the low emissions zone they have now been made exempt. The vehicles have been put on a so-called “white list” and are exempt from fines.  

The Federal Police Spokeswoman Sarah Frederickx told journalists that "There are 550 such vehicles in the Brussels low emission zone and 280 vehicles in Antwerp. They are on a white list that is part of an existing procedure that ensures that as an emergency service were can continue to do our job”.

Ms Federickx added that in the long term the Federal Police Service will replace the polluting diesels with more eco-friendly vehicles. However, she would not be drawn on a timeframe for the replacement of the diesel vehicles.


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