Belgium extradites suspected Chinese spy

Belgium has extradited a Chinese national to the United States.  Yanjun Xu works for the Chinese ministry of state security and is suspected of industrial espionage involving several American and foreign aviation and space companies.

The US justice department confirms that Yanjun Xu was detained in Brussels on 1 April. Yanjun Xu uses several names including Qu Hui and Zhang Hui.  He is suspected of trying to get hold of sensitive information.  He enticed experts, mainly working for aviation and space companies, to China to hold presentations at Chinese universities.

The American company GE Aviation, active in aviation, is believed to be one of the victims.  Yanjun Xu was detained in Brussels on 1 April after the US authorities starting proceedings accusing him of industrial espionage and conspiracy.  What he was doing in Belgium is unclear.

The US authorities say Yanjun Xu's activities are no isolated incident and claim it forms part of general policy in China targeting the US.  The Americans say that they can't tolerate another country reaping the benefits without making the investments.

Yanjun Xu will appear in court in Cincinnati and risks 15 years in jail.

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