Extra roadside checks as police work-to-rule

Police across Belgium are taking industrial action in the form of a work-to-rule today. Motorists at numerous locations have been subjected to roadside checks. Many were breathalysed, while checks were also carried on whether motorists (and their passengers) were wearing seatbelts.     

Those taking action are all members of the liberal public sector union VSOA and the police union NSPV. They are protesting about numerous issues including the lack of clarity with relation to their pension.

The unions say that police officers are fed up with the constant undermining of their members’ conditions of employment and ask for respect from politician and members of the public.  

NSPV’s Carlo Medo told VRT News that "Our colleagues’ will to take action is big, because many people are uneasy about the changes to their terms and conditions of employment”.  

"The police wants to send out a signal to the government that things can’t go on like this”.

Police officers are also protesting against the increase in violence (verbal and physical) against the police. The police unions want those that use violence against police officers to be given the maximum sentence.  

Mr Medo says that the work-to-rule is a success with a large number of police officers taking part.  


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