French border fence to keep out swine fever?

The authorities in the French departments of Meuse, Meurthe-et-Moselle and Ardennes, all of which border Belgium, are to take extra measures to try and prevent the African swine fever outbreak in Luxembourg Province spreading into France.

The Prefect (the Chief Official) in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department Éric Freysselinard a fence is to be built on the border between France and Belgium to keep infected wild boar out. Mr Freysselinard spoke of building a fence in the local press. The Prefect said that the two other border department were going to build a border fence. However, a spokesman for Walloon Agriculture Minister René Collin (Christian democrat) has told VRT News that no fence will be built.

Up until no there have been no cases of African swine fever on French soil. The French authorities have already taken a number of measures to prevent swine fever spreading. These include a ban on hunting wild board in the three departments mentioned above.   

The French Government has now extended the ban to cover all hunting in the three departments, a ban that will remain in force until at least 20 October. Furthermore there is also a ban on walking and cycling in woods and forests and a bad on the transportation of wood in 120 municipalities on or near to the border with Belgium. Pig farms have also been order to install double fences around their animals’ fields and runs.

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