Man pays 2,300 euro for a laptop but receives a sandwich toaster

Police in West Flanders are warning people to be on their guard for con artists after an 83-year-old man paid 2,300 euro for what he believed to be a laptop computer only to discover that it was in fact a toasted sandwich maker. Friday edition of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reports that the man had hand over the cash after he had been approached by a man outside a bank in the coastal town of Nieuwpoort.

A police spokesman told the paper that one of the two suspects they are currently trying to trace told the victim that he dealt in laptops and that his son had ordered a computer from him. The bogus computer salesman added that he had agreed with the elderly man’s son that the pensioner would pay for the computer up front and his son would pay him back later. In order to add credence to his story he pretended to ring the son to confirm the arrangement.  

The victim withdrew 2,300 euro from his account and handed the cash over to the fraudsters. He was given a box supposedly containing a laptop. However, when he arrived home he found that the box in fact contain a sandwich toaster.  

A day later the same two fraudsters approached a 78-year-old man that was out walking. However, he didn’t fall for their con.

Police say that suspects were driving a foreign registered car. Both men are around 1.75m tall, have short hair and are unshaven. One of them has a short beard. Anyone that has information about the whereabouts or the identity of the men is asked to call Nieuwpoort police on 058/533.000.

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