Vandals attack Flemish Nationalist party HQ

The headquarters of the Flemish Nationalist N-VA in Brussels has been daubed with red paint. One of slogans written on the entrance to the building that houses the party’s HQ reads “Killed by NVA politics”. The slogan is a reference to an incident in May of this year in which a two year-old Kurdish-Iraqi girl was shot dead by police after a car chase in Hainaut Province.

The vehicle she was travelling in was carrying transit migrants and was been chased by the Highways Police after it had failed to stop.  

The news that the entrance Flemish Nationalist Party’s HQ had been vandalised first appeared on a Twitter post sent by the Federal Secretary of State responsible for asylum and migration Theo Francken. Mr Francken posted a photograph that shows the entrance to the building covered in paint, probably from a paint bomb.   

The building’s windows are daubed with the name of the toddler Mawda that was killed by a police bullet in May’s incident. “Killed by NVA politics" has also been written. This would indicate that those that perpetrated the vandalism believe that Mawda’s death came about as a result of the polices of the Flemish nationalists.

The party has reported the incident to police. It is not yet clear who was responsible for the vandalism. However, Mr Francken believes that “The far-left and open border activists” daubed his party’s HQ with paint.  

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