Black Widow in removal centre ahead of expulsion

Malika El Aroud, better known as the Black Widow, and Kamal Affetat, who is linked to the now banned Sharia4Belgium organisation, have been incarcerated in a closed removal centre.  A decision was taken last Wednesday to withdraw their residence permits.  The Belgian authorities have high hopes to expel both individuals to Morocco.

Malika El Aroud is a jihadi fighter based in Belgium.  In 2010 a Belgian court sentenced her to eight years in jail after being convicted of running a network that recruited fighters for Al-Qaeda together with her second husband.  Her second husband, Moez, escaped Belgian justice by fleeing to Waziristan in Pakistan.

There he became a leading light of Al-Qaeda, but later perished.  Malika's first husband too perished while engaged in terrorist activities giving Malika her nickname. Malika served her sentence and left jail two years ago.  She enjoys joint Belgian Moroccan nationality.  Last year she lost her Belgian nationality.  The idea is to expel her to Morocco, but she can appeal.

Kamal Affetat served as spokesperson for Sharia4Belgium. In 2014 he was sentenced to a year in jail for threatening school mistresses.

Recent changes to Belgian legislation mean that people born in Belgium or who arrived here before their 12th year can lose their residence permit, if they pose a threat to society.  Then they face expulsion.

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