Two Belgians charged with planning terrorist atrocities

In the Kosovar capital Pristina three men and one woman have been charged with planning Islamist attacks in Belgium, France and Kosovo.  Two of the number hold Belgian nationality.

The foursome stand accused of planning terrorist attacks in Belgium and France though these plans were not yet very precise.  In Kosovo they are believed to have been poised to attack the orthodox church of Mitrovica as well as two discos in a Serbian enclave.  Members of the Kosovo Force, a NATO led international peace force for Kosovo, was another of their targets.

The group are suspected of planning to place explosives in discos that could be set off by remote control as well as suicide attacks.  They also hoped to emulate the Paris attack at the Bataclan concert hall in 2015.  Plans for the attack on the church in Mitrovica were most advanced and were thwarted by the arrests.  The group planned to attack people gathering for a religious feast.

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