Antwerp: Bart De Wever's N-VA needed in any coalition

In Antwerp the outgoing coalition of Flemish nationalists, liberals and Christian democrats retains a majority on the council.  The Flemish nationalists remain the biggest party by far with over 36% of the vote and slight losses. The Christian democrats take 7%, the liberals 5%.

With these numbers the outgoing coalition retains the slenderest of majorities on the council.

The greens did particularly well picking up an extra 10% of the vote taking their share to 18% and becoming the second party in the city.  The socialists are stuck on around 11%.  A left-leaning coalition does not possess a majority.

Addressing supporters on Sunday night Mr De Wever said many coalitions were possible, but none without the N-VA: "The N-VA is the biggest party by lengths.  Six years ago we won an incredible 23 seats.  We have now repeated this.  Nobody thought we could do it.  It was a difficult campaign with all against one."

Mr De Wever now intends to discuss a new coalition with all players and is eager to have a serious conversation also with the victorious greens.

Results show that Flemish nationalist Mayor Bart De Wever picked up the largest number of preferential votes: nearly 50,000 preferential votes. He is followed by the far right's Filip Dewinter on 13,000 votes and the greens' Wouter Van Besien on 9,500 votes.

Christian democrat Kris Peeters got 6,500 preferential votes, less than the socialists' Jinnih Beels (7,700) and the Communists' Peter Mertens (7,300).

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