Big losses for socialist/green list in Hasselt

There have been losses for the social/green cartel and Christian democrat lists in the municipal elections in the Limburg city of Hasselt. The socialist/green list that stood in the 2012 municipal elections as Helemaal Hasselt is down by 7.7%. The progressive cartel’s partner in the incumbent city cabinet the Christian democrats, are down by 1.8%.


As the largest group on the council the socialist/green alliance had provided the Mayor in Limburg’s provincial capital. However, Hilde Claes (socialist) was forced to resign in 2016 ending two decades of socialist Mayors at Hasselt Town Hall. Her successor was the Christian Democrat Nadja Vananroye.

The winners are the Flemish nationalist party N-VA that is up 3.2% and the far-right party Vlaams Belang that is up by 2.8%. The liberals are up slightly by 0.5%. The result means that the current coalition no longer has a majority. Having won 12 of the 41 seats the Flemish nationalist list headed by the Defence Minister Steven Vandeput is now the largest party on the councils.

The socialist/green list has lost 4 seats and now has 11 seats. The Christian democrats remain the third largest part on the council with 9 seats, down 1 seat on 2012. The liberals retain their 4 seats, while the far-right Vlaams Belang now have 3 seats (+2). The far-left PVDA have won 2 seats on the council.

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