Dirk De fauw is the new Mayor of Bruges

The Christian democrat Dirk De fauw is to be the new Mayor of the West Flemish city of Bruges. Mr De fauws’s party was the big winner in the “Venice of the North”. The existing socialist/Christian democrat coalition will be expended to take in the liberals for the next 6 years.

The Christian democrats were the big winners in the municipal elections in the West Flemish provincial capital. The Christian democrat list headed by Dirk De Fauw is now the biggest party on the council with 17 of the 47 seats. The Christian democrats’ coalition partners, the socialists have lost 4 seats and are now the second biggest party on the council.

The socialist’s list was headed by the incumbent mayor Renaat Landuyt is down 4 seats and now has 10 seats. The Christian democrats are up by 5.2%, while the socialists gained 7.4% less of the popular voted than they did 6 years ago.

There have been big losses for the Flemish nationalist party N-VA. The party is down 8.1% on the result it obtained in Bruges 6 years ago and has lost half of its 10 seats. The liberals have gained 1 seat and are up 2.3%. The party now has 6 seat on Bruges City Council. The greens are up 2% and have gained 2 seats.

The Green party now has 5 seats on the council. The far-right Vlaams Belang has doubled its representation on the council and now has 4 seats.  

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