Mayors’ party generally fared well in the Flemish municipalities around Brussels

The Flemish Brabant municipalities to the East and South of Brussels are home to a large expat community and as the election results there merit attention from us here at Flanders News. Generally speaking the parties whose lists were head by an incumbent mayor have fared well in the local poll.

In Zaventem, Mayor Ingrid Holemans’ liberals remain the biggest party with 12 of the 31 seats. The liberals Flemish nationalist coalition partners gain a seat now have 7 seats. The Christian democrats too have gained a seat and now have 4 seats. The Francophone cartel list Union is down 1 seat and now has 6 seats. The local Pro Zaventem list has won 2 seats.

Nationalists big winners in Tervuren

In Tervuren the nationalist Mayor Jan Spooren’s list is up by 7.6% (to 29.8%). The nationalists now have 9 of the 27 seats. The Greens are up 3.6% (to 21.8%) and now have 6 seats (up 1). The liberal Open Tervuren list was the big looser, down 7% to 17%. The liberals have lost 3 or their 7 seats. The Christian democrats lost a seat and now have 4 seats. There are 4 seats too for the francophone Tervuren Unie list.

Nationalists remain biggest party in Overijse

In Overijse the Flemish nationalist list head by Mayor Inge Lenseclaes is the biggest party having won 29.5% of the popular vote and 10 of the 29 seats. The Liberal/green cartel list is second with 9 seats and 26.8% of the vote. The Francophone Plus list is 3rd with 20.6% of the vote. Plus has 6 seats, one less than last time. The Christian democrats have 3 seats and the right-leaning populist Leefbaar list has won a seat.

Liberals retain their absolute majority in Hoeilaart

Once again the liberal Mayor of Hoeilaart Tim Vandeputte gained almost 50% of the popular vote. The liberals won 12 of the 21 seats and polled 49.6% of the vote in Hoeilaart, up 0.4% on 2012. The Christian democrats won 22.6% of the vote and have 5 councillors. The progressive Pro Hoeilaart list got 20% of the vote and now has 4 councillors.

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