Resounding victory for liberal/green list in Mechelen

The liberal/green list led Mayor Bart Somers’ (liberal) has scored a resounding victory in the municipal election in Mechelen (Antwerp province). 47.9% of voters in Mechelen backed Mr Somers list, leaving it with 25 of the 43 seats on Mechelen City Council.

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA lost 4 of its 11 seats and polled 16.5% of the popular vote, down 6.7% on 2012. The third party in Mechelen is the far-right Vlaams Belang with 9.6% of the vote, 0.9% up on last time. Vlaams Belang has gained an extra seat and now has 4 seats.

The Christain democrats were down 3.3% at 9.1%. The party lost 2 of its 5 seats. The biggest losers of all were the socialists who saw their vote halved to 9.1%. They now have 3 seats, 5 less that before. The far-left PVDA has gained its first seat on Mechelen City Council.    

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