Ridouani in Leuven: first Mayor of foreign heritage in Flemish city

In Leuven, the capital of Flemish Brabant, there are losses for the outgoing coalition of Flemish socialists and Christian democrats and gains for the Flemish nationalists of N-VA and the ecologists of Groen.

In Leuven the socialists remain the largest party. Shortly after 9PM  Flemish socialist Mohamed Ridouani announced the formation of a coalition with the Christian democrats and greens to administer the student town for the next 6 years.  The nationalists of N-VA made headway but were not invited to join the coalition. Mr Ridouani succeeds veteran socialist Louis Tobback as mayor. He becomes the first mayor of foreign heritage of a major Flemish city.  He even secured more preferential votes than Mr Tobback.

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