Technical issues prevent some Brussels polling stations from opening on time

Technical issues have meant that not all polling station in Brussels were able to open on time at 8am. The press agency Belga reports that a total of 47 polling stations in the Brussels-Capital Region had technical issues at 8am and were unable to open. By 10:45am this number had fallen to 20. The municipalities of Ukkel and Vorst in the south of the city were worst hit with 13 and 12 polling station respectively unable to open on time.  


Elsewhere there have been issues at 6 polling stations in Schaarbeek, 5 in Oudergem and 5 in Evere. Those staffing the polling station on the Josaphatstraat in Schaarbeek were unable to get the voting computers to start up. Issues with USB sticks delayed the opening of polling station 31 in Schaarbeek by 45 minutes.  

In Vorst polling station 20 was half an hour late opening as there were issues with starting up the voting computers

Hélène Herman of the Brussels-Capital Region told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that all the issues should have been resolved by 11:15.  

However, by 11:55 five polling stations in the municipalities of Oudergem and Ukkel were still not open. Voters that were unable to cast their voters in their alloted polling stations due to technical issues have been sent to alternative polling station.  Voters in Brussels can vote until 4pm.   


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