Kompany senior is Brussels' first African heritage Mayor 

Pierre Kompany, the father of the Manchester City and Belgium international footballer Vincent Kompany has become the first mayor with Congolese roots in a Brussels municipality.  Mr Kompany's Pro Ganshoren will form a coalition with the liberals.  

In the elections in Ganshoren Pierre Kompany's ProGanshoren party has a slender majority together with the liberals.  The two parties promised that the biggest party would supply the mayor and that party is ProGanshoren.  The two parties only have a one seat majority.

Elsewhere in Brussels Schaarbeek Mayor Bernard Clerfayt intends to continue in office with green support.

In the City of Brussels there is speculation that the Francophone socialists will ditch the liberals, who experienced losses, in favour of the greens. Socialists and greens possess a majority.

In Molenbeek the Francophone/Flemish socialists are the biggest group once again with 17 seats out of 45.  The socialists are prepared to discuss a coalition with the far left PTB/PVDA that have 7 seats.  Together the two parties possess a majority.

In Sint-Joost the socialists retain their absolute majority. In Jette the Christian democrats can continue in coalition with the greens and the liberals. 

In Anderlecht the outgoing coalition of socialists, Christian democrats and liberals retains a slender majority. However, Mayor Eric Thomas (socialist) told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that he favours a progressive coalition with the green that also made big gains Anderlecht. The far-left won seven seats in Anderlecht.  

In Vorst the socialists, greens and the Francophone federalists retain their majority.  However, the new Mayor will come from Greens and will be one of three Green Mayors in the capital.   

In Sint-Gillis the socialists lose their overall majority and will need a coalition partner.

It was a historic day in Koekelberg. For the first time in 38 years the Mayor of the small municipality in the northwest of the capital will no longer be called Pivin. Philippe Pivin's (Francophone liberal) Mayor's list failed to obtain a majority and the Francohone socialists and Francophone and Flemish greens and the alternative humanist list will form the new coalition.  Ahmed Laaouej is the new Mayor.

In Elsene the Green have ousted the liberals as the biggest party.  Christos Doulkeridis will be the new mayor. The socialist will join the green in the coalition.   

In Etterbeek Mayor Vincent De Wolf's list remains dominent. Nevertheless, Mr De Wolf intents to form a broad coalition bringing on board the greens and the socialists.    

Nationalists fail to make their mark

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA had hopes of making a big breakthrough in the capital. However, it was not to be. The party now has just one councillor more than it did in 2012. N-VA now has councillors in Evere and Ganshoren for the first time. The party retained its seat in the City of Brussels, lost on of its two seats in Anderlecht and as in 2012 one N-VA councillors was elected in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek and Jette.     

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