Voters in Merchtem can also register as organ donors

As well as being able to cast their votes in the local and provincial elections, voters in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Merchtem are also being given the chance to sign up for something that will give other the chance of life after their death. Voters at four polling stations in Merchtem will also be able to register as organ donors when the go to cast their votes.

It is the first time that polling stations have been used in this way. The Mayor of Merchtem Eddie De Block (liberal) told VRT Radio 2 that more around 100 people in his municipality registered as organ donors three weeks ago when Merchtem joined more than 240 municipalities and cities in opening its town hall on a Sunday to allow people to register as donors.     

“In Merchtem we registered around 100 new donors. We thought that this was positive and are now given residents the chance to register before or after they go and vote. They can do so at the information desk at the four polling stations in our municipality”.

One council civil servant per polling station is being provided to process the donor registrations.

By around 9am it became clear that donor registration at the polling stations in Merchtem is proving to be great success. Mr De Block told VRT Radio 2 that “We have already had to provide extra registration forms”.  

Town Halls also open for organ registration

In addition to the polling stations in Merchtem. Those that wish to are also being given the chance to register as organ donors at 400 town halls across Belgium. The Federal Health Department announced that the town halls would be open for organ registration today in a press release issued on Friday.  


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